Most of the animals you'll see on a visit to Escot will have been at home here at some time in the estate's history. So there are birds of prey, wild boar, red squirrels, otters, peacocks and even beavers (beavers can be seen as part of beaver watch evenings during spring and summer).

Pets Corner is a favourite spot with children and we even run a Pet Hotel service for locals who need someone to take care of their pets (though not dogs or cats) over the holidays.

We undertake conservation projects through our local conservation charity the Tale Valley Trust. These include the reintroduction of water voles to the river Tale and the Escot Beaver Lodge.

Escot's beaver programme is part of an important UK wide project. A two acre enclosure has been created within Escot Park encircling ponds, woodland and a section of stream to home a pair of unrelated wild caught Bavarian beavers, born in the Spring of 2006. 

They have set up home in the bank of one of the ponds & we know they have a maternity lodge so hopefully young beavers will eventually emerge and a family colony will develop over the next few years. Recently they have built what is probably the first beaver dam in the South West for 800 years!

Individuals & small groups are invited to evening beaver-watch sessions at which these largely nocturnal animals provide exciting encounters of what was once a common sight throughout Europe.  If you would like to book a visit, or sponsor the beavers & follow their progress, please contact Escot on 01404 822188 or email 

Sponsoring an Animal at Escot

Animal sponsorship is a great way to form a special link with your favourite Escot species.  It can also make an ideal present, just the thing to mark a birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day etc. 

You can choose to sponsor the red squirrels, the beavers or the otters.  Your adoption applies to the species, not a particular animal. We undertake to spend your sponsorship fee on the welfare of the animals, on their food, their shelter and any veterinary care they may need.

Escot is also a favourite centre for spotting moths and even bats. The Education Ranger regularly holds Nature Days at which children can come face to face with Escot's wildlife.

These days are made all the sweeter by the marshmallows that are roasted over the camp fire.

For more details about Nature Days contact Escot at or call 01404 822188.