All Terrain Training

All Terrain Training and Events

Escot Estate has a dedicated course suitable for all terrain training, filming and corporate events

The Estate is well set up with a challenging all terrain course and associated facilities perfect for 4×4 and ATV training.

Our track, which is in excess of 3km, provides an ideal site for training in all weathers, with plenty of steep inclines, mud and water to negotiate.

The track is used by trainers working with organisations including the emergency services, electricity distribution operators and anyone regularly using 4×4 and ATV for work.

If you are looking for a trainer, Escot will be able to put you in touch with experienced 4X4 and ATV trainers for driving and winching instruction who are familiar with the site and our set up.

The track can also be hired for numerous other uses, including expedition training, location filming, vehicle and product launches, and corporate events.

Please note, it is not available for individual private use.

For organisations using the course, there is plentiful parking and straightforward access.

Partial map of Escot Estate with course marked in green

All Terrain Training