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Cuckoos, black caps & flycatchers


Hearing the cuckoo at Escot used to be a given sign of Spring – but then about 15 years ago we stopped hearing its distinct call. Last year we heard it again, but just on a single afternoon. This year, however, we heard it over several days. Spending the winter months in Africa, cuckoos travel […]

Hobbies & Swallows

Spring at Escot is the time when the hobbies arrive! These beautiful birds of prey are about the size of a kestrel, and there are around 2,800 breeding pairs in the UK over the summer. They area  Schedule 1 protected specise, migrating here from Africa to breed. Their favourite prey, which they catch on the […]

Clapperentale Waterwheel Restoration (Escot Park) 2019 / 2020

Clapperentale Waterwheel Restoration

History The Clapperentale waterwheel was built at the Fairmile forge, part of the Escot Estate, by Huxtables in 1868. Water spun the wheel from above, making it an ‘overshot’ wheel. Because of the flat gradient from the water intake point over half a mile away at Talewater, the leat was prone to regular silting so […]

Wild flowers at Escot

For couples celebrating their wedding at Escot in normal times, Spring at Escot Park provides a fantastic backdrop for photography, in particular the wonderful swathes of yellow buttercups in front of the house. But encouraging wild flowers is an art in itself. Here’s why. Escot Park has been permanent pasture for many years and is […]

Spring in the Escot garden

Spring is the season that most of us really look forward to. Even in a mild winter everyone eventually just has had enough of grey days and dull gardens – we want to see blue skies, green trees and colour in the countryside. This Spring of course, it is all very different. With the country […]

Tying the knot virtually

Coronavirus has affected so many areas of life, nothing seems normal at the moment. Weddings have now been banned by the government, and there are so many disappointed couples, families and guests who won’t be celebrating. For couples who have so carefully planned their Spring weddings, the only choices are to postpone or have a […]

Coronavirus and Escot House

Escot Estate

As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop, we want to reassure you of the actions we are taking at Escot House. We are following the advice of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation and introducing a variety of measures to minimise the impact to anyone visiting the house. Cleaning levels in the common […]

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.