Beautiful Days Information for Public Access during Build and Break

24hr onsite Event Office telephone number 01392 699596 (12 to 19 August) – if there are any issues of concern please do not hesitate to call direct. Or the Estate Office is 819155.

Please note, there will be fireworks on Sunday evening just before 11pm.

The festival respectfully asks that for your own, and their staff’s safety, that you do not enter the Construction Zones at any time during the festival’s Build or Break – including to walk dogs. Roads on the Estate have shared access during these periods for access to properties and for festival staff get to their place of work but please do not make unnecessary use of the shared access – for short-cuts or to be inquisitive, they are working environments.

In line with industry-wide Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) the festival is split into three phases – the set-up (the ‘Build’), the Event itself and the take-down (the ‘Break’). The Build starts on the 05 August and runs until the Event opens to the Public, and the Break starts after the Event itself and finishes on 28 August (although the bulk will be out by 23 August). The Build and Break periods are deemed ‘Construction Periods’ and the areas within the Estate which are hired by Beautiful Days are deemed ‘Construction Zones’ and cannot be entered by anyone who has not complied with their Health & Safety regime, which includes an induction prior to entry.

The hired areas (‘Construction Zones’), are marked on the accompanying map as per last year and will be signed on site with safety signage similar to a Construction/Building Site. There will also be additional Security staff on site throughout the period helping to manage access. A Public Footpath Closure across the Park will apply for the duration between 05 August and 28 August inclusive to suspend access within the hired areas for walkers and their dogs – for everyone’s safety.

Map of the Escot Estate shows hired areas for Beautiful Days 2019

Beautiful Days Map 2019

Roads have shared access. Site speed limit 5mph

No access for public to hired areas during Build/Break periods between 05 Aug & 28 August


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