Beautiful Days Festival 2018 Guidance for Walkers

12/07/18 2:31pm by Lucy Kennaway

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Construction of the festival is split into three phases - the set-up (the 'build'), the event itself and the take-down (the 'break').

The build starts on the 6th August and runs until the event opens to the public. The break starts after the event itself and finishes on 31st August (although the bulk will be out by 24th August).

The build and break periods are 'Construction Periods' and the areas within the Estate which are hired by Beautiful Days are deemed 'Construction Zones'. These cannot be entered by anyone who has not complied with their Health & Safety regime, which includes an induction prior to entry.

The hired areas (Construction Zones) are the same as last year and will be signed on site with safety signage similar to a construction/building site. There will also be additional security staff on site throughout the period helping to manage access.

A Public Footpath Closure across the Park will apply between 6th August and 31st August inclusive to suspend access within the hired areas for walkers and their dogs. This is simply to ensure everyone’s safety.

Useful information

  • Public footpaths across the Park are closed for the duration from 06 August and 31 August inclusive
  • There is a new 24-hour onsite event office telephone number from 13th to 20th August if there are any issues of concern or enquiries: 07490 628 229
  • Escot House enquiries: 01404 819155
  • There will be fireworks on Sunday evening just before 11pm
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