Cars, carriages & camels - how will you arrive at your wedding?

30/05/17 9:18am by Lucy Kennaway

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How you arrive in style at your Escot wedding is very much down to your own personal preference. We’ve had all sorts of modes of transport sweep down the long drive to the house!


Can you beat a vintage car, oozing with character and class? Imagine arriving in style in a 1930’s touring convertible in ivory and coffee – simply sublime! Vintage says here’s someone with a sense of fun, and a love of tradition.


A classic car such as a Daimler or Rolls Royce makes you feel a cut above the rest on your special day. Beautifully built cars that indicate you’re a cool customer. Or, if you want to experience a real buzz, how about a Ferrari, McLaren or Jaguar for a real ‘woohoo’ moment.  


Have your Hollywood moment with a stretch limo, why not? Sip your champagne in the spacious luxury – but make sure your journey is long enough to make the most of all the trimmings (mood lighting, strobes, television and music system!


Trotting through the East Devon country lanes in a traditional horse and carriage must surely be one of the more relaxed ways of arriving at your wedding and reception. There’s something timeless about arriving by horse and carriage, and you’ll get lots of friendly waves from the locals.


Make a real statement by zooming up on a motorbike. If you’re real petrolheads then you’ll have your own bikes and probably a convoy of biker mates to accompany you. But you can also hire vintage motorbikes and sidecars for a bit of fun.

Out there

Have a London bus all to yourself! Hire a big red Routemaster and wave at everyone from the top deck as you travel to your reception. If you fancy company, you could let some of your guests join you – buses have a capacity of 60 to 70 passengers. For older couples, you can burst into ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’.

No-one’s done this yet!

We haven’t had a tuk-tuk at an Escot wedding yet, but there’s always a first time. Believe it or not, you can hire one for your wedding. And we have yet to see a pair of Segways glide down the drive – they’re available onsite with our activity partners Devon Country Pursuits, so if the idea lights your fire, let us know. As for the camel, well someone must have done it but probably not in the UK. Yet.

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