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06/01/17 4:14pm by Lucy Kennaway

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You may have been lucky enough to get engaged over the Christmas and New Year festivities. If so, then you will probably start to think about a date for your wedding.

How long may depend on what type of wedding you’re dreaming about. If you want the whole works there’s a lot to sort out, from choosing a wedding dress, finding the right venue and working out the guest (and present) list.


This is your wedding, so you must choose a date that suits you, first and foremost. But you also need to think about your guests. If you’re getting married locally and your friends are mainly close by, this might not be so much of an issue. If you choose a venue further afield, and your friends are scattered far and wide with lots of children between them, it will be wise to choose a weekend day, or a date during one of the school holidays (but give plenty of warning so parents can plan family holidays accordingly).

Which season?

Are the seasons important to you? Many still prefer a summer wedding with the promise of sunshine – although we can’t guarantee it. Spring is a beautiful time of year with the daffodils popping up and a fresh greenness to the landscape. Then again, the dramatic colours of autumn could be what you’re after – at Escot House, our trees look stunning at this time of year. But then again, you might remember the winter wedding in Bridget Jones, Edge of Reason that made getting married in the snow so appealing!


If you’re on a budget, you might find that certain months are more expensive than others – and more booked up than others. Escot House wedding prices don’t fluctuate, and as we only book a smaller number of weddings each year, you won’t be vying for your preferred date with 20 other couples!

Are there any days you should avoid? If it’s a World Cup year you may have to plan accordingly! Other than that, it might be wise to give Christmas a miss (unless you’re having a small, exclusive wedding). If you’re marrying at Valentine’s, your flower bill might rise steeply.

When you have chosen a date to suit you, it might just be the case that our friendly Devon exclusive use venue might be the one for you. Please get in touch and we’ll send you a brochure and book you in for a visit. Happy decision-making!

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