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10/09/19 9:24am by Lucy Kennaway

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Escot House is one of the venues for a new series of free seminars offered by Archant, to help business owners understand the importance of having a digital strategy.

The Escot event is on September 26th, with three sessions, at 08.30, 11.30 and 14.30. Follow this link to sign up: Digital Decoded

Here's what you need to know!

Join us for Digital Decoded - A FREE, practical and helpful digital marketing seminar designed for local businesses.

The seminars aim to teach business owners the value of a co-ordinated digital strategy to boost public awareness and profit. Seminars will cover an array of digital aspects from websites and search engine optimisation (SEO) to online display advertising and use of video, and the sessions will help to lay the foundations of an appropriate – and cost-effective – digital marketing plan.

Jamie Brown, Archant’s head of knowledge and development, said: “One big way advertising has changed is that it is easier for people to go online to find out more about the things they want or need to buy. The internet has taken some of the casual browsers out of the high street.

“A lot of businesses struggle to make sense of the digital market place as there is so much out there that is hard to understand and you cannot see what the output will be."

“It is like they have got a toolkit with too many tools in it – sometimes they throw everything at the wall but sometimes, which is worse, they are not doing any digital marketing.

“This is aimed at SMEs, the one-man band or small business owner who does not have access to marketing advice and strategic input in regards to digital.”

Come along to one of our seminars and we’ll help you convert digital marketing tools into customers.

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