Drive a tank at Escot

26/05/19 5:53pm by Lucy Kennaway

We are delighted to have 'Tank Land' at Escot. Tank Land is the inspiration of Rob Freemantle, who is linked to the company that builds them.

Where did tanks originate?

On 15 September 1916, the fortunes of the West during World War 1 on the Battle of Flers-Courcelette battlefield, (part of the Battle of the Somme), were turned around with the ingenious invention of a 'steel beast'. They were called 'tanks' because the original tanks resembled fuel storage tanks - the name, of course, has stuck!

The British Mark I was designed with the purpose to flattening enemy fortifications, but the ability and potential of the tank grew to be much, much more. To this day tanks are used in military ground forces throughout the world.

The evolution of the tank has fascinated and enthralled people for over a century, and in recognition of this Rob has launched a mini tank adventure for all to enjoy the experience of driving a tracked vehicle.

Tank Land offers a unique woodland experience, drive your mini tank through muddy paths, hills and dips, and out the other side.

There are four mini tanks available, and Tank Land is currently open only on Saturdays, please check when you book.

To join in the fun, book online at

NB there are height restrictions - approximately 158cm (5'2") so you can see over the turret.

Age 13 and upwards.

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