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20/02/18 9:30am by Lucy Kennaway

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Have you ever sat in a conference or seminar and watched your delegates flag? While taking time out to meet at a conference venue is the best way to take on board new information, corporate strategy, training targets or personal development, the benefits can be lost in wall to wall talking.

Taking a break during the day has proven benefits in terms of concentration and retention of information. So, what are good activities to add to the aims of your conference or seminar, and what do they achieve for your delegates?

Archery; great fun and a real challenge – keeping your eye in and maintaining focus. Archery:

  • Promotes concentration
  • Creates healthy competitiveness
  • Shows the value in learning a new skill

Segway; new experience for individuals and teams

Split into teams, everyone must complete the dedicated Segway course to discover who will be the victors. Segway encourages:

  • Team building
  • Competition
  • Motivation
  • Problem solving

Interactive treasure hunt; working the brain to solve the clues. Treasure hunts promote:

  • Teamwork
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving together

Land raft; an old favourite that works every time. Teams build a land raft and move from A to B as quickly as possible. During the activity, participants will:

  • Learn to communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Learn to trust each other
  • Delegate leadership

Gladiator duel; when you just want your delegates to let their hair down after an intense morning session. A gladiator duel is great fun to take part in, or to watch. It also promotes:

  • Physical exercise
  • Laughter

We are fortunate at Escot to have all these activities and many more available on site with our activity partners, Devon Country Pursuits. Your delegates will leave us feeling revitalised not just from what they’ve learnt, but from the activities they have taken part in.

For more details see our corporate away days page.

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