Importance of Parklands

06/04/16 1:36pm by Lucy Kennaway

Well-lit mature trees in open, grazed, situations are very important habitats, especially if the environment has remained relatively unchanged for centuries.  Different lichens have individual requirements and ancient trees in open situations have a distinctive flora.  Some lichens will only grow on unpolluted bark which is over about 300 years old.  The past effects of acid rain over vast swathes of the UK restricted the area where many lichens could thrive even if ancient trees exist.  Some of the species on ancient bark have the conservation category of international respoonsibility because the UK has more ancient trees than any other European country. Seven in this group were found at Escot.  A list of 120 lichens and lichenicolous fungi were recorded in Escot Park including 3 nationally rare, 15 nationally scare, 7 of international responsibility, 2 priority, 1 endangered species and 1 new record for England.  This is an impressive list for a small park.

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