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30/06/17 4:36pm by Lucy Kennaway

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Traditionally, wedding guests expected a wedding day to require an element of patience, at least once the ceremony was over.

The bride, groom and often their parents would personally greet every guest as they arrived at the reception. At a big wedding, this could lead to a long snake of guests waiting to shake hands, whilst often desperate to get to the bar for a pint!

And then there would be another lull while the formal photographs were being taken. All this before a mouthful of food was tasted.

Whilst there is still a place for this more formal style of wedding, many guests now opt for something much more relaxed.

One recent Escot House wedding found the garden dotted with some wonderful activities for the children. Linda and Mike had been most thoughtful in providing a coconut shy, skittles, giant snakes and ladders, hook the duck and even a splat the rat.

The youngsters in the party were thoroughly entertained and more than that, the adults also got involved with the games, too. Coconuts went flying and the rat got splatted many times.

Later in the afternoon, the guests were treated to a visit from The Devon Bird of Prey Centre, and the chance to get up close and personal with a beautiful barn owl, a hawk and Peregrine falcon.  

But that wasn’t all. Soon, up the steps came Alan Bruford, from neighbouring Wildwood. Alan had been commissioned to provide commemorative coin stamping, and he was soon surrounded by the children, desperate to wield the mallet.

Although the wedding party had the run of the reception rooms, the day was so beautiful that the reception stayed put in the garden. A picnic lunch was served, and the sound of gentle jazz tracks wafted across the lawns. For evening guests, the BBQ was ready and waiting to be fired up.

There’s a lot to be said for giving your guests plenty to do, particularly when your party includes families and children. At Escot House, we work to give you the wedding you want, the way you want it. And that includes a rat to splat, should you so desire.

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