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12/07/17 4:54pm by Lucy Kennaway

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We have a lot of photographers at Escot, mainly for weddings and family days. But we realised we didn't have many images of our conference facilities. Cue a photography shoot!

For the shoot we asked talented Exeter photographer, Andrew Butler to help us. Andrew joined us for the day to capture the essence of Escot.


It's hard to photograph a real conference as one of our key selling points is total privacy. So we invited a few 'extras' for the morning, to play the part of delegates. They dutifully sat in an informal group style session. Andrew asked them to talk to each other so they would look natural; with a room of women, he soon realised that once they started, they they wouldn't stop. It was just like the real thing. 

As a thank you, we treated them to the style of lunchtime buffet that a real conference would enjoy - after Andrew had photographed it, of course. The spread included homemade sausage rolls and pork pies, vegetarian tartlets, sandwiches, crudites, muffins, cookies and flapjacks, with a mini cream tea to follow.

Room layouts

The three conference rooms were set up in different styles: The Library as the informal set up, The White Room in theatre style and The Kennaway Room as a boardroom. Although these aren't the only set ups we can provide, they give an idea of our flexibility. There was a fair amount of chair-moving as we wanted to show the rooms without furniture, as sometimes new enquiries like to see the rooms empty.

Photographing a stately home venue presents a challenge to some photographers. There's a good chance - as with Escot - that there will be quirks and imperfections to work around. And that's part of the charm of booking an older venue, we think. As one of our recent conference clients said, when comparing Escot to "new, comfortable but soulless" venues, "With the age, high ceilings and greenery all around there was no competition really!"

Many thanks to Andrew for rising to the challenge and depicting the charm of Escot perfectly.

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