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24/02/17 7:46pm by Lucy Kennaway

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What is it that makes a great outdoor event? Is it the atmosphere, the environment, the activity, the ethos, the fun, the chance to let your hair down – or all of these?

Outdoor concerts are real winners. You can’t beat listening to a band playing live with the sun beating down on you, with a delicious pint of Otter Ale in the company of like-minded people. Okay, sometimes it rains, but that can be just as much fun.

We’ve hosted a number of concerts at Escot featuring The Feeling, James Morrison and Diversity, as well as the wonderful family festival, Beautiful Days which has been making beautiful music every August since 2003. Escot lends itself superbly as a Devon concert venue, with plenty of space for a main stage.

This year we are hosting a variety of charity runs including the Escot Mud Run for Exeter Deaf Academy (25th March) and the Resolution Runwith The Stroke Association (26th Feb). The runs are always fun and as well as knowing that participants are enjoying the great views and the personal challenge, we always appreciate that money is being raised for local charities.

Amongst our favourite events are balls – private or charity. We love to see people at the house, dressed in their finery. It harks back to the days when Escot was purely a stately home, and the gentry would visit and party to the early hours (carriages at dawn?). If you’re thinking of organising a charity ball, we have the experience to support your aims.

Our lovely parkland is also ideal for more peaceful events and we’re always open to suggestions. If you have an event to organise, talk to us and we’ll come up with a plan.

We have a vision that Coldplay may one day descend upon Escot Estate and play especially for the lovely folk of East Devon, in which case we will allow them to use the toilets in the house rather than the portaloos.  

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