What month to marry?

26/11/16 4:18pm by Lucy Kennaway

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The month you choose to get married is a very personal decision to take.

The most popular months are still the spring and summer months, but more and more couples like the idea of marrying out of season. Winter weddings can be a real treat, giving guests something to celebrate in the darker months of the year. A crisp autumn day like we're experiencing at the moment can be as wonderful for a wedding as a warm summer day. 

What a perfect scenario for a wedding to have just enough snow to make everything sparkly and white, without causing problems getting in or out of your wedding venue. Though we'll find a local tractor if anyone gets stuck.

Of course, you can't guarantee the weather in this country, although a Devon wedding is more likely to have sunshine than other parts of the country (we think!). Even in the summer months it's helpful to have a venue that offers cover, in case of rain.

So, what month would suit you? This old verse might give you some ideas (but we wouldn't take it too seriously).

“Married in January’s hoar and rime - widowed you’ll be before your prime.

Married in February’s sleepy weather - life you’ll tread in time together.

Married when March winds shrill and roar - your home will lie on a distant shore.

Married ‘neath April’s changeful skies - a chequered path before you lies.

Married when bees o’er May-blossoms flit - strangers around your board will sit.

Married in month of roses, June - life will be one long honeymoon.

Married in July with flowers ablaze - bitter-sweet memories in after days.

Married in August’s heat and drowse - lover and friend in your chosen spouse.

Married in September’s golden glow - smooth and serene your life will go.

Married when leaves in October thin - toil and hardships for you begin.

Married in veils of November mist - fortune your wedding-ring has kissed.

Married in days of December’s cheer - love’s star shines brighter from year to year.”

If you're thinking of booking a wedding in Devon, we'd love to hear from you. Our promise is: 'Your Wedding, Your Way'. Call us on 01404 819155 to discuss your perfect wedding month.

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