What's in a wedding cake?

23/04/18 4:40pm by Lucy Kennaway

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In case you missed it, Harry and Meghan announced last month that pastry chef Claire Ptak will be making the cake for the upcoming royal wedding on May 19. And the choice? Far from being a traditional fruit wedding cake with royal icing, Harry and Meghan’s guests will be enjoying a cake with lemon and elderflower flavours, incorporating “the bright flavours of spring”.

The cake maker is pastry chef and owner of the Violet Bakery in London, Claire Ptak. The choice of Claire has echoes of the choice of Prince Harry, as she also hails from the USA, like Meghan. The cake is destined to be “covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers”.

The flavours of lemon and elderflower are a perfect choice for a spring wedding, fresh, refreshing and light. At Escot we love cakes that reflect either the season or the personality of the wedding couple. We’ve seen a huge variety of wedding cakes over the years, including the very traditional and totally outrageous.

A towering inferno of sponge with a filling of jam, fresh fruit and cream was a monster success. Speaking of monsters, the skulls atop a Day of the Dead wedding cake may have been a little scary, but they tasted delicious. Another, more traditional cake was painted delicately with birds, almost too pretty to eat. And then there was the famous Lego cake...

The Escot Cheese Cake

One of our own specialities is a cheese wedding cake. These have been popular for some years now as a practical choice, feeding hungry evening guests and keeping day guests going for several more hours of partying. We always use local cheeses to create these magnificent cakes, such as Sharphams and Quickes cheeses.

We wish Harry and Meghan a wonderful wedding next month, and we’re sure that Claire Ptak will have lots of fun creating their wedding cake.

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