What's your choice? Wedding songs to make your day

01/02/17 6:56pm by Lucy Kennaway

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As a Devon wedding venue of more than twenty years standing, we’ve heard quite a few wedding songs in our time!

It’s always lovely to hear a song that means so much to the happy couple. If you’re going to more than one wedding this year, you may find yourself listening to the same songs at each one – and why not? The reason those songs are so popular is because they have wonderful messages.

So which songs might you choose for your own wedding list?

On the modern playlist, you’d be hard pushed not to come across Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ – not only is it on message, but it’s a fine song for your guests to dance to. The alternative is ‘Marry Me’ by Train – a very different song, and one to smooch to.

What wedding would be complete without something from that emotional powerhouse, Adele? Make You Feel My Love was originally a Bob Dylan song, sung in that unforgettable gravelly voice. Adele’s rendition is one to choose for a first dance, and many brides can’t help but choose it. Lovely. But if you’re a Dylan fan, go for it!

For those of more vintage years, Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ is a cert to bring tears to the eyes of not just you, but your guests. Or how about a bit of Eric Clapton, whose ‘Wonderful Tonight’ will melt the heart of every granny in the room, and make your mum reach for the tissues (again).  

And how about that ultimate celebration song, ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams? We dare anyone not to start jiggling when that one starts. “Because I’m happy” must just about sum up the feelings of every happy couple on their very special day.

Whatever songs are your own favourite, you’ll need a wedding venue like Escot that gives you plenty of time to enjoy your fun evening, whether you celebrate in a marquee, or the main house. Somewhere that welcomes bands and DJs with a wedding planner whose feet will start tapping as soon as 'Walking on Sunshine' begins.

If you’re planning a wedding in Devon and need an affordable venue with plenty of character and space to boogie at the end of the day, please do get in contact for a viewing.

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