Why your conference could do with the Escot touch

24/01/17 8:57am by Lucy Kennaway

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When you organise a conference for your staff, clients or customers, what’s the first thing you think about?

More often than not, it’s the venue.

What sort of venue you choose can reflect on the tone of your conference, and even affect how successful it is, as far as your delegates are concerned.

So, what do you need to consider?

One practical issue is how far away the venue is from your office. You will need somewhere that is easy to find – nobody enjoys driving round for hours trying to find a venue – it’s most frustrating and will leave your delegates flustered before they start. Parking is often a consideration; is there enough parking for all the delegates, do they have to pay for parking and how far do they have to walk?

If you want a bland, nondescript room where your delegates simply sit and listen within four walls, there are many conference venues in the South West that fit the bill. This choice is undoubtedly right for some conferences.  

However, you could, instead, opt for a venue that has character, warmth and a certain quirky charm.  We’ve described Escot House there in a nutshell. 

Our three conference / seminar rooms are very different, but are all light and spacious, with beautiful views. If you like books, you’ll love the atmosphere of The Library. As well as seminars, the Kennaway Room is perfect for coffee breaks or break out time. The White Room offers plenty of light. On fine days, your delegates can take five on the terrace or private gardens.

Add to this the fact that Escot House is easily accessed from the A30 and M5, has more free parking than you can shake a stick at, and is set in a wonderfully peaceful parkland.

Do you opt for bland or do you offer your delegates an environment that makes them pleased to be there and ready to learn? We think the Escot touch will make all the difference!

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