Encouraging wildflowers at Escot Estate

We’re enjoying a wonderful show of wildflowers this autumn (yes, it’s autumn!). But new patches of wildflowers don’t just appear from thin air. In fact, experts say 97% of the nation’s meadows have been eradicated since the 1930s, with popular species like wild strawberry, ragged robin and harebell facing steep declines. Campaigners say the collapse […]

Cuckoos, black caps & flycatchers


Hearing the cuckoo at Escot used to be a given sign of Spring – but then about 15 years ago we stopped hearing its distinct call. Last year we heard it again, but just on a single afternoon. This year, however, we heard it over several days. Spending the winter months in Africa, cuckoos travel […]

Hobbies & Swallows

Spring at Escot is the time when the hobbies arrive! These beautiful birds of prey are about the size of a kestrel, and there are around 2,800 breeding pairs in the UK over the summer. They area  Schedule 1 protected specise, migrating here from Africa to breed. Their favourite prey, which they catch on the […]

Escot’s Jungle Staircase

Escot wedding jungle staircase

How many couples can say they’ve had their wedding photos taken on a jungle themed staircase? Everyone loves the stairs that lead up into the house, but do you know the history behind it? Escot House was built in 1837 by Sir John Kennaway and as the family home of Sir John-Michael and Lady Kennaway […]

Red Squirrel South West Auction Lots

Red squirrel Escot

Presenting the auction lots for the Red Squirrel South West 2019 fundraiser! If you are interested in placing a bid, please email Charlotte Gannon at rsswproject@gmail.com with your chosen lot(s) and your maximum amount before 5pm on Friday 18th October. Olivia Kennaway Red Squirrel photo A framed print (approximately 39x31cm) of the ‘The smell of […]

Our commitment to the Estate – forestry

Our commitment to the Estate - forestry

Woodland has multiple assets – for the planet – acting as a carbon sink and diverse habitat for a plethora of biodiversity. Landscape, amenity, sporting and commercial interests follow. In England woodlands are either owned and managed by the state (Forestry Commission) or the private sector including individual landowners, charities and business investors. Timber crops […]

Bluebells in May

Bluebells in May

Everyone gets very excited when the bluebells start to come out in late April and early May. They seem to be harbingers of warmer weather – and with temperatures in the South West set to rise for the first May Bank Holiday, we’d agree with that! Did you know that the about half the world’s […]