The Gathering Place – ideal for outdoor get togethers

While we wait for further guidelines on many aspects of life, including weddings and corporate events, one feature at Escot presents an opportunity for outdoor get togethers. The ‘Gathering Point’ is a semicircle of benches with 12 hand carved backrests representing different aspects of the food chain. This striking and beautiful feature was created on […]

Hobbies & Swallows

Spring at Escot is the time when the hobbies arrive! These beautiful birds of prey are about the size of a kestrel, and there are around 2,800 breeding pairs in the UK over the summer. They area  Schedule 1 protected specise, migrating here from Africa to breed. Their favourite prey, which they catch on the […]

Our commitment to the Estate – forestry

Our commitment to the Estate - forestry

Woodland has multiple assets – for the planet – acting as a carbon sink and diverse habitat for a plethora of biodiversity. Landscape, amenity, sporting and commercial interests follow. In England woodlands are either owned and managed by the state (Forestry Commission) or the private sector including individual landowners, charities and business investors. Timber crops […]