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Enchant your wedding guests with edible flowers

While most brides give a lot of thought to the flowers in bouquets, the church and reception, some also love the idea of using edible flowers to give their special day extra colour and vivacity.

Edible flowers are perfect for a bright wedding cake, used in patterns or scattered randomly about; they also give an extra dimension to a cheese wedding cake, one of our specialities – using delicious West Country cheeses, of course.

But there are many other ways to introduce edible flowers into a wedding theme.

  • Freeze them into ice cubes to make attractive drinks – very pretty in a glass of Prosecco
  • If you’re serving Pimms, adding a pretty purple flower such as violas rather than borage will give a lovely twist to a traditional drink
  • They are also perfect for all types of cocktail.

At your reception meal, salads can be lifted from the norm with the addition of fresh nasturtiums, and you can use herb flowers to enhance main courses; choose from fennel, oregano, chives.

Dessert is always a great excuse for colour, and your puds can be prettied up with delicate flowers. Make a cheesecake into a delicacy or pep up a fruit salad. Pop edible flowers into jelly and watch the younger guests’ eyes light up.

At Escot House, we use local company The Edible Botanist, a family flower growing and crystallising business, based in Exmouth. We love their prettily packaged flowers, and enjoy using them in lots of different ways, not just for weddings but for private parties and corporate events, too.

We also love the fact that they are environmentally aware. Here’s what they say about their aims:

“We strive to create beautiful edible blooms that taste as good as they look. We grow our own flowers from seed without chemicals or pesticides and lovingly care for them until they’re ready to be hand picked and crystallised. Our packaging is made from recycled fully compostable materials and we pride ourselves in our environmentally friendly focus. 

The flower farm is a permaculture and water is used from a sustainable bore hole. Seeds are harvested from our current crop of flowers and cuttings are only ever taken from organically grown plants when we find an exciting new flower to add. We use a no dig method of farming and encourage as much wildlife as possible to the area through maintaining habitats. As a small business we are always looking for new ways to improve our way of working through partnerships with other local businesses.”

The Edible Botanist 


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.