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Escot as a venue for wellbeing day retreats

We often talk about the tranquillity of Escot House set within the extensive grounds of Escot Estate. This is a real draw for those who enjoy the peaceful environment and beautiful views across our gardens and the parkland.

Over the years the house has hosted many different types of events, from weddings, conferences and private parties to awards ceremonies, photo shoots and craft fairs.

In the past we’ve also hosted wellness and beauty day retreats. We know that Escot is the perfect venue for this type of event, so we’re delighted to launch a new opportunity for retreat organisers to book the house and gardens.

This isn’t suitable for regular short classes, rather we are offering day-long bookings.

What’s available?

There are three day rooms which are all spacious and filled with light. You can book just one, or all three to give yourself lots of space to play with.

We have an extensive private garden to the rear of the house, which isn’t overlooked. Also a terrace looking across to the lake which is the perfect place to enjoy time out with a cuppa.

The Estate has 250 acres of parkland with the River Tale running through.

What might a wellbeing day retreat at Escot look like?

Here’s one idea!

You might start the day with a yoga session. If the weather is clement, this can take place on the lawn where you’re surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs.

We are fortunate to be located in private parklands. So after yoga you could go on a mindfulness walk. We have three walks that we can provide directions for:

River Walk  
Easy 30 minute circular walk following a permissive footpath along the pretty banks of the River Tale, crossing a wooden bridge and returning through a field passing Giant Redwood trees.

Boathouse Lake Walk  
45 minute circular walk starting in woodland, leading to the historic ‘horseshoe clump’. Pass through the Boathouse Valley and into the Tale Valley and the old water meadows before joining the River Walk or Black Aller Walk.

Black Aller Wood Walk
A 50 minute circular walk taking in the woods (particularly beautiful when the bluebells are in season in May), the Millennium Orchard, Thackery’s Oak, and the River Tale.

During the walk you might ask everyone to collect items from nature; leaves, sticks, acorns, beechnuts, petals. On your return, it’s time to get creative and make collages.

After lunch, a talk on nutrition or a similar topic.

Finally, an afternoon yoga session to end the day.

River Tale


Our team makes everything fresh on site using local produce as much as possible. You may prefer a relaxed buffet, finger food, a picnic on the lawn or a barbeque (this can of course be meat free). We will also provide homemade cakes and biscuits for break times. We are experienced in meeting all dietary and allergy requirements (we’ll need details in advance).

It’s your event

This is just one suggestion, you are, of course, totally free to organise your day the way you want to. We will do everything we can to help create your perfect wellbeing day retreat.

Here are some other possibilities:

  • Mindfulness and meditation day:

Workshops and seminars on mindfulness practices, meditation techniques, and stress reduction strategies. Quiet spaces set up for meditation or reflection, with comfortable seating and calming ambiance. Mindfulness exercises incorporating nature elements, such as mindful walking or nature-based meditations.

  • Creativity and wellness day:

Workshops focused on creative expression and self-discovery, incorporating activities like drawing or collage-making. Mindful crafting sessions using natural materials such as wreath making or botanical crafts. Group activities promoting creativity and relaxation, such as guided journaling or expressive writing exercises.


  • Escot Estate is just off the A30 at Fairmile, a short drive from Honiton, Exeter and the M5.
  • There’s plenty of free parking right next to the house.
  • Trains stop at Feniton Station. It’s 2.5 miles to walk so you may wish to organise lifts.

Want to find out more?

You are welcome to visit Escot House to see our facilities for yourself and discuss ideas for your wellbeing day retreat. Just get in contact!

Escot House


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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