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Escot Winter Weddings

10 Tips for a Winter Wedding

There is something incredibly romantic about a winter wedding. It can be a magical time of year to get married, especially if you’re lucky enough to get a bright, crisp day with a little frost on the leaves to add sparkle to your wedding photos.

Inevitably, a winter wedding can have potential issues – but to be honest, in the UK this is true of any time of year. You may feel safe with an August wedding, but we all know that summer downpours can happen.

So, what can you do to prepare yourself for Winter Wedding issues?

  1. Keep warm. Every bride wants to look beautiful, but you won’t look fab in your photos if you’re shivering with cold. Make the most of your winter theme and use a faux fur jacket as part of your wedding outfit. Or choose a long-sleeved wedding dress – white velvet would be beautiful for the time of year, or if you’re an exhibitionist, go the whole hog with a red dress trimmed with white faux fur. Men can feel the cold too, so make sure they have warm clothing. How about velvet again, in the form of a blazer to keep your new partner toasty warm?
  2. Don’t forget your footwear. If you’re outside for any of your winter wedding day, then you’ll need to be sensible. White furry booties could be fun, or maybe a pair of PVC heeled boots. Hunters Boots tall boots are available in white.
  3. Be prepared for the freeze! Thick tights will be fine under a long dress, or even fun with a short dress. Don’t forget your bridesmaids, they’ll need to keep warm too.
  4. Look after yourself in the run up to your wedding day. Chapped lips and dry skin won’t help you look your best, so use a good lip moisturiser and don’t stint on face moisturiser either. Your wedding make-up artist will do the rest.
  5. On arrival at the venue, offer a hot drink. Hot chocolate for any youngsters, and a warm alcoholic drink for the grown-ups. Mulled wine or cider will go down well.
  6. Invest in umbrellas – you could get some special ones printed up especially for your guests to use for the wedding photos, if necessary. Guests can take them home afterwards as a reminder of the day.
  7. Choose wedding favours suitable for the time of year. Candy canes add colour and are great for the younger guests. For adults, packets of mulled wine spices – Fortnum & Mason do some lovely options. A miniature bottle of cider from Hancocks Devon Cider may go down well, too.
  8. You can keep flowers to warm tones of red and burgundy with lots of lovely greenery. Alternatively, choose bright white stems and go glitzy with sparkly accessories – think White Witch in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
  9. It will get dark early, so use fairy lights to give a sense of
  10. To avoid any cold or wet situations, have your ceremony, reception and party in one venue. That way, once you have arrived, you and your guests can stay warm and dry under one roof. This helps with potential transport issues; if the weather is bad then the traffic might be slow. With an exclusive use venue, like Escot House, there may be flexibility if your guests are held up due to snow!

A Winter Wedding can be extra special, so plan ahead for next year. Escot House would love to host your day so please call Lucy or Jo to arrange a viewing.


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.