Gentlemen Prefer Ponds

For many years, Escot Estate has provided a pond design and maintenance service to the pond lovers of Devon and beyond.

Our extensive service includes:

  • Pond design
  • Pond building
  • Pond maintenance
  • Pond cleaning and repairs
  • Water features
  • Aquatic plants / water planting

With over 30 years of professional training, knowledge and experience, Escot’s team is highly regarded throughout the South West for pond and waterfall construction, fountains, pond filtration, water planting, pond fish, and native wildlife ponds.

We can help with pond and filter maintenance (no pond too small), rubber or PVC liners and concrete pond repairs. We will also handle sensitive pond vegetation clearance, and implement practical solutions for duckweed and blanket weed, including grass carp.

If you're moving house, we can move your fish directly to your new home. We also offer 'fishpond B&B' to store your fish until a new pond is ready.

“On winter nights you sit indoors and wish you had a wand
To conjure up your fantasy, that longed-for garden pond.
Well now it's time to carry out that New Year's resolution,
So come to Escot where you'll find that we've got your solution.

So if your garden needs a pond, let Escot grant your wish.
We'll plan it, build it, plant it out and fill it full o' fish.
In later years the Escot team will give you good advice
And help you with the maintenance to keep it looking nice.

We give a service none can beat, at prices you'll afford.
It's earned us our proud accolade, our national award.
Our Escot ponds are far and wide - from Delabole to Durham,
So why not have one, then you'll see - why gentlemen prefer 'em!

And once it's built you'll settle down to peer through poolside fronds,
No time for TV soaps and such, you'll much prefer your pond!
The summers will be full of joy, no hint of hit or miss:
A chair, a drink, a book, a pond - that's horticultural bliss!”

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