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Getting married during a heatwave?

We often talk about what you can do to keep you and your guests warm and toasty if you’re getting married in winter – but what if your wedding falls during a heatwave, as we’re experiencing at the moment?

Being too hot is almost as bad as being too cold. If you know in advance that your wedding day is likely to be a scorcher, then be prepared!

For the bride, as yours is a summer wedding you have hopefully already chosen suitable attire, a sleeveless or strapless wedding dress in a light material. Your make up artist will probably plump for powder based makeup; an experienced artist will know the tricks of the trade to keep your look intact.

Don’t ask your guests to wait outside the wedding venue or have to stand in a long queue to greet the bride and groom. Instead, welcome them indoors.

Everyone loves sunshine for wedding photographs but again, asking people to wait around in the heat may well make them uncomfortable. Ask family or a close friend to act as a runner, to round up the people you need for particular photos.

Alcohol and heat don’t mix terribly well. So, although we would never suggest not drinking at your wedding, make sure there are plenty of cold soft drinks available, and iced water on every table. Add some fruit to entice guests to drink more water.

Ask your venue if they can provide fresh fruit for guests to nibble – any type of melon can be cooling.

How about purchasing small handheld fans for the reception tables? Make sure they are silent, as you don’t want the sound of a hundred fans drowning out the speeches. Mini face misters are another good idea, they’re available for men as well as women. We’d suggest a visit to a chain such as Superdrug for the best prices.

If your venue has gardens for your guest to use during the day, go the extra mile and leave tubes of sun cream in a basket for them to use. You can do the same with sunglasses and hats!

Outdoor games are a lovely idea, especially if there’s water involved. We love working with the Prop Factory who have lots of games including hook a duck – and no-one will mind being splashed with water on a hot afternoon.

Keep the cake in a cool spot until you’re ready to cut it.

Above all, enjoy having a sunny, warm wedding day. After all, with the vagaries of the good old British weather, you should count yourself lucky!


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.