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Escot's Green Credentials

Green credentials

Escot Estate is also known as ‘The Natural Place’. This is because there is so much being done to protect the natural environment, both in the parkland and the house. When you book Escot House for a wedding, conference, awayday or any other event, you are helping us to continue our work as guardians of the environment.

Biomass boiler

In 2013, a biomass boiler was installed by local renewables experts, SunGift Solar into a purpose-build boiler house in woodland at the back of the house. The boiler not only reduces fuel costs for the estate but reduces carbon emissions by 95 tonnes each year. The boiler heats not just the main house, but also houses and apartments that are rented out to estate tenants, providing constant hot water and heating. The biomass boiler uses woodfuel, some of which is sourced from the estate.

Watering the garden

Where many people use mains water to keep their gardens irrigated during the dryer months, Escot has its own supply of spring water. The beautiful garden that is frequently used by conference delegates and wedding parties is kept looking at its best by this natural source of water.

In the garden

We have several hives, kept by a neighbour, giving homes to honey bees who have access to nectar from a huge variety of plants in our garden and the adjacent grounds of Wildwood.

Catering and events

The ingredients we use for event catering is locally sourced wherever possible. This reduces our food miles to a minimum.

  • Our non-meat/dairy food waste is used as feed for local chickens.
  • We use recycled napkins and paper straws.
  • We use loose teas to eliminate the plastic in tea bags.
  • Instead of clingfilm, we opt for washable food covers.
  • We use washable silicon sheets instead of baking parchment.

Our barbeques are a popular choice for evening receptions, family days and corporate away days. We use charcoal from Exeter Charcoal, who are based here on the estate and often use Escot wood; local, sustainable and with no added chemicals. It’s ready to use in 10 minutes and you don’t need lighter fuel to get it started.

Where possible we buy bulk cleaning products and put them into smaller containers for day to day use.

We have switched to low energy light bulbs throughout the house.

Escot House in general recycles as much waste as possible

On the Estate

  • River Tale

We are involved with the Tale Valley Trust, which was established as a charity in 1999. The River Tale is the main tributary of the River Otter and flows through the heart of Escot Estate. The Trust undertakes a variety of activities, including the conservation of endangered species, promotion of rural regeneration and education of the public in the wildlife, history, archaeology, art and architecture in the area.

  • Wildlife

Escot Park is home to a variety of native species including water voles, beavers, otters, red squirrels, dormice and bats. The park also attracts several endangered seasonal migrant species.

  • Trees and woodland

Escot Park is home to a number of old parkland trees; we spend considerable sums to preserve our ‘champion trees’ that are homes for bats, dormice, barn and tawny owls and woodpeckers.

Many estates have stopped planting hardwoods (oak, beech, chestnut) as they are slow growing and particularly susceptible to grey squirrels – they can take three generations to grow to maturity. We are committed to keeping our woodlands, so to help warrant this, we’ve introduced amenity use. Segway, quad bikes, mud runs, survival school and forest school are all part of the economic justification!

Ancient trees are home to a variety of lichens. At Escot, 120 lichens and lichenicolous fungi have been recorded, including three nationally rare, seven of international responsibility and one endangered species; an impressive list for a small park.

Green gallery

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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