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How to ensure your bridesmaids dress to impress

We recently spotted a photo from the States with bridesmaids in black dresses. That might not immediately strike you as appropriate, but actually they looked great! And it got us to thinking about how you choose from the many colours and styles available for your bridesmaids.

Reflect the season

Seasonal colours are always a nice touch, think pastel colours, pinks, pale blues or lilacs for spring, strong shades of turquoise, burgundy, plum, perhaps even yellow for summer, rusty reds and oranges for autumn, greens and golds for winter.


Add a touch of movie magic to your wedding. You might like to think about floaty numbers that your bridesmaids can swish around in like Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind – or how about glamorous dramatic satin gowns, channelling Grace Kelly, or rock cool chic like a besequinned Zendaya.

Mix and match

There’s no law dictating bridesmaids have to wear the same style dress or the same colours. While it does look beautifully coordinated if they do, you could ring the changes and invite them to choose different colours, different patterns, even different lengths. There perhaps needs to be a coordinating element, which could be flowers or a headdress. Or maybe not!

Tux it up

You’re so over pretty pretty – so why not think about switching up a gear and having your bridesmaids in suits? This is a fabulous option for mixed gender weddings, but also a fun choice for bridesmaids who aren’t sold on dresses.

Sticking to traditional

There’s nothing wrong with having bridesmaids in more traditional dresses, all matching, all the same length and style. In fact, you may not know that once upon a time, bridesmaids wore exactly the same dress as the bride, including the veil. Perhaps that’s as step too far, but if you want to keep your wedding traditional, then go for it.

Keep it flattering

Everyone knows the bride has to be the star of the show! But that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids can’t look stunning too. Make sure your bridesmaids are happy with the colour and style of the dresses you’d like them to wear. Okay, so you can’t please everyone all the time, but involve them in your ideas and take on board their preferences.

And footwear?

Well, go for something that looks chic but is reasonably comfortable. Or perhaps, in winter, eminently practical!


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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