Pick it up – please!

Dog mess is always an emotive subject, especially for people who step in it!

During the lockdowns, we’ve seen an increase of walkers at Escot Estate. The majority keep to the footpaths, keep their dogs under control, and pick up dog poo. Thank you so much to everyone who helps us in this way.

However, we were recently contacted by a local dog walker, who says she has noticed a lot of dog fouling. Two of her dogs have been ill due to the Giardia parasite which can be contracted through faeces or contaminated water – as well as dogs, it can also spread to humans.

Please note, we don’t have bins for dog mess at Escot as these are managed by the council. As Escot is a private estate they don’t provide this service here.

There are lots more young children going for walks with their parents for exercise, health and wellbeing, not just here but in many popular dog walking spots. The last thing the children need is to come into contact with dog mess.

So as always, we politely ask dog walkers to please pick up dog poo and take it home. Please do not bag it up and leave it. Even if the bag is biodegradable, it is not the right thing to do.

At this time of year, it is also more important than ever to keep your dogs under control. It’s lambing season and each year we hear of pregnant ewes and lambs being lost to dog worrying. Only last week a ewe with two young lambs was chased. The mum was found, badly injured, but sadly the lambs were never found. Please, please, please keep your dogs on a lead around livestock. And don’t forget nesting birds, there are many ground nesting birds in our region, so keep your dogs on the path.

Here are four guidelines:

  • Always pick up after your dog and take waste home
  • Keep your dog in sight, on the path. If you don’t have recall, use a lead
  • Prevent your dog from disturbing wildlife and grazing animals
  • Walk no more than 6 dogs, ensure you can manage them all at the same time


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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