Put aside those wedding day jitters

After helping couples to organise their weddings for over 20 years, Lady Kennaway has a few tips up her sleeve.

As your wedding day approaches

Most couples have a sense of excitement as the wedding draws closer, but sometimes this can turn into anxiety. Will everything go according to plan? Will it rain? Will the guests find the church/venue?

  • On the day, make sure you eat a good breakfast. You probably won’t feel like it but if you don’t, you may start to feel light-headed during the ceremony – and when you have your first sip of fizz you might go into a spin!
  • Don’t worry unnecessarily. By this stage everything has been put into place and everyone knows where they are supposed to be, when. There’s not a lot you can do about it if a wedding guest puts the wrong postcode into a sat nav! They’ll sort themselves out eventually.
  • Do not fixate on the weather. If you’re fortunate enough to have sun, that’s fantastic. But remember that in the UK we just can’t guarantee the sunshine. Nobody will mind if it’s cloudy, if it rains – or even if it snows as it did in March this year. Everyone wants to you to have the best day and believe us when we say that sometimes inclement weather brings out the very best in people.
  • Remember that this day is all about you. Your family and guests are there to celebrate with you. Relax, and enjoy yourself.


Although we fully expect your wedding to go without a hitch, if anything does go wrong on the day, delegate. Find your chief bridesmaid or best man and get them involved in sorting any issue out. If you need our help, please let us know straight away.

Whether there’s a dress malfunction, spilt drink or someone who forgot to mention they were vegan, we will do our very best to help. We’ve dealt with many minor mishaps over the years. Calm professionalism and flexibility is the order of the day.

What everyone at Escot wants is for this to be the best day of your life. Go with the flow, don’t worry about your mum’s hat flying away in the wind or Uncle Bert’s teeth falling out. Have fun.


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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