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Say goodbye the way you want to

Having to organise a funeral service or memorial is not something any of us really want to have to do. However, at some point in our lives it is something most of us will have to do.

At Escot, we provide a variety of options that will make this as straightforward as possible, allowing you to say goodbye to your loved one the way that you want to.

Funeral service

If you don’t want a service at a church or crematorium, Escot House is a perfect alternative. The house is in a peaceful location with plenty of parking. Our team will work with you to provide a discreet and calm environment for the service.

We can recommend a funeral celebrant for your service, and you are most welcome to bring the coffin into the house.


Sometimes you may prefer to have the service at a church or crematorium but are looking for a venue to hold a gathering, or wake. Escot House offers beautiful, light rooms to use, real wood fires for winter wakes and an outside terrace for summer gatherings.

Our in-house catering gives you lots of choice for those attending. You may prefer traditional sandwiches and cake, or something different, like canapes. We’ll provide teas and coffees, or course, and if you think it appropriate, we can open the bar.

Memorial service

A memorial service is a way to remember your loved one at a later date, after the funeral service. It means that those who couldn’t attend the funeral have the opportunity to remember their friend, colleague or family member. You may wish to book the service on day that was special to your loved one, which could be many months on from the funeral.

A memorial service is often a celebration of a person’s life. It’s the chance for people to talk about the deceased. This is a wonderful opportunity to show photographs, videos or even for friends to put on a show or have a singalong. It really is up to your and your family members to decide how you want the memorial service to be.

It is a nice idea to have a memorial book and the chance for people to donate to a charity of your choosing. If you like, think of a keepsake to give to people – a personalised packet of forget-me-nots, a memory coin (we can organise this for you), a tiny charm or a seedling to plant.

Your choice

However you choose to remember your loved one, keeping it traditional or organising something lively, the team at Escot House will make sure that your service or gathering is exactly the way you want it.


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.