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So why should you book a team building day?

Each year, we welcome many organisations to Escot to take part in a team building day. So, what is it about team building that makes is such a valuable activity?

  1. Team building days are all about encouraging better communication between people to bring them closer together. Communication isn’t always verbal, of course, non-verbal communication can be equally as important.
  2. Bonding is an important part of it. Sometimes team members might not work in the same office – or they may even work in different locations. Giving them the opportunity to bond means they will get to know each other so next time they need to interact for a project, for example, their relationship will have changed.
  3. Improving focus – working together more efficiently and understanding each other’s ways of working a bit better
  4. Seeing who is happy to take a leadership role, and how they do that. It’s one thing to be bossy but an entirely different thing to be encouraging.
  5. Trusting one another is a good trait to develop through team building. Trusting a team member to take control or trusting them to do something right – and not give up. It also helps someone who is a natural leader to stand back and let someone else have a go – trusting that they’ll do their best.
  6. Competitive spirit – some activities such as the Segway Olympics are not just fun, they’re also competitive. There’s no harm in that, in a team building activity it shows the desire to win which can be used back in the work environment.
  7. No-one will disagree that any morale booster is a good thing. Team building can highlight ways and strategies to create positivity in the workplace.
  8. Growing in confidence is so important for anybody. Working in a team in a non-threatening environment can really help. And if someone turns out to be a wizard at archery or clay pigeon, their new skill will also help their confidence.
  9. Team building can be used effectively to look at an area of the business, perhaps a new strategy or changing something that just isn’t working.
  10. Team building days are fun – they’re supposed to be! Being able to take work a little less seriously for a day can show team members that they’re allowed to let their hair down from time to time. And there’s no reason why the sense of fun shouldn’t be allowed back into the office, either.

We can help you put your perfect team building event together, with a combination of activities to help you achieve exactly the right results from your day out of the office. Contact us to find out more or check our our teambuilding page to see some of the activities we provide at Escot.


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.