Smaller wedding receptions at Escot

UPDATE 31st July: The government has now pushed this back for ‘at least a fortnight’. From August 1st, wedding receptions can have up to 30 guests. This is a marked change from previous guidance which said just six guests for a reception, and if held indoors only from two households. The current guidance (from July […]

Tuscan inspiration for your wedding

Tuscan wedding style Escot house

Escot House presents a superb location opportunity for filming and photography and we’ve been pleased to provide location services over the years. In 2018 we were thrilled to work with the Prop Factory on a very unusual, Victorian-style shoot. And earlier this year we welcomed photographer Kathryn Anne to the house for a very different […]

Getting married in a heatwave?

Getting Married during a heatwave Escot

We’ve talked before about what you can do to keep you and your guests warm and toasty if you’re getting married in winter, but what if your wedding falls during a heatwave, as we’re experiencing at the moment? Being too hot is almost as bad as being too cold. If you know in advance that […]

Review of UK marriage laws

Review UK Wedding laws Escot

Current marriage laws were made way back, with some stretching back to 1836. As a result, their relevance to couples marrying today is limited. The Law Commission has recently announced a two-year project to review these laws in England and Wales, to bring them up to date. So, what are they going to look at? […]

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks ‘go’!

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks 'go'!

You can’t beat April for colour. It’s the month when everything starts to get greener, flowers begin to bloom in earnest and we get to see the big yellow sun in the sky more frequently. You can go to town on a Spring wedding in terms of pretty colours; pastels are a great choice, with […]

Review of 2018

Review of 2018

2018 has been quite a year! Here are just a few of our memorable moments. In March, the Beast from the East and partner Storm Emma played havoc with the country. Along with other local venues, we had to cope with a wedding at the time. Our catering supply didn’t get through so Plan B […]

Be who you are at your wedding

Be who you are at your wedding

It was all over the news last week, that Princess Eugenie showed the scar on her back when she married. The scar was a result of surgery to correct scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine. Instead of covering it up, her open back dress showed off the scar, which was her way of honouring […]

Enchant your wedding guests with edible flowers

Enchant your wedding guests with edible flowers

While most brides give a lot of thought to the flowers in bouquets, the church and reception, some also love the idea of using edible flowers to give their special day extra colour and vivacity. Edible flowers are perfect for a bright wedding cake, used in patterns or scattered randomly about; they also give an […]

What’s in a wedding cake?

What's in a wedding cake?

In case you missed it, Harry and Meghan announced last month that pastry chef Claire Ptak will be making the cake for the upcoming royal wedding on May 19. And the choice? Far from being a traditional fruit wedding cake with royal icing, Harry and Meghan’s guests will be enjoying a cake with lemon and […]

Exeter Gin wedding favours

Exeter Gin wedding favours

We love discovering alternative ideas for wedding favours and recently came across Exeter Gin. This locally produced gin is the brainchild of Karen Skerratt – Karen is passionate about the area and really into traditional gin-making. Her inspiration was the Roman heritage of Exeter; with a massive Roman wall around the city and a wealth […]

‘Snow’ Joke! Red Alert in Devon

'Snow' Joke! Red Alert in Devon

It’s no secret that, along with much of the country, the South West was hit by the recent snow. Devon took a battering as the Beast from the East swept towards us, while from the south came Storm Emma. With a wedding on Saturday, we watched the forecast with some trepidation. When the snow hit […]

Wedding favours that help charity

Wedding favours that help charity

So, you’re getting married – congratulations! You’ll have lots of things to think about, the date, venue, guest list, bridesmaids, best man, wedding dress, transport, catering, prosecco or champagne, sit down or buffet – well we all know the list goes on and on. Most weddings these days like to include wedding favours. We’ve seen […]