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Themed Weddings? Tie the knot at Halloween!

Why use a theme?

Using a theme can be a good idea – or a bad one, depending how much time and energy you have to put into it (though you can always employ a wedding planner to put it all together for you using your wish list). Some couples have a very strong affinity with a theme, perhaps from a movie genre they both love, or a favourite book.

Think of your guests

You must be sure that your guests will buy into the idea – if everyone is dressed as ghosts and ghoulies, your great-aunt or your young nieces and nephews might take fright. If you are asking your guests to dress up, be sure that they will all be comfortable with the idea. You know your friends and family best, and whether they will don a pair of Vulcan ears for the occasion, or not.

Flexible venue

Make sure your venue is flexible and doesn’t mind you set-dressing the place. You may well find that venues that run lots of weddings won’t be able to accommodate your ideas as they will need to prepare for the next wedding coming in after you. But you can but ask.

Escot House is a wonderful venue for themed weddings. It’s got all the atmosphere but none of the stuffiness of a traditional stately home. Earlier this year when we hosted a Day of the Dead wedding day. This was wonderful fun featuring tattoos, chocolate skulls, cats, some killer heels and a leather-jacketed bride. We loved the groom’s fabulous beard, too!

But, while we’ve had a number of themed weddings at Escot House over the years, we haven’t had a Halloween-themed wedding – yet. Could yours be the first? Think of the fun you can have with glowing pumpkins lining the terrace, a spooky wedding cake, spiders webs overhead and noise-activated spiders and bats dropping from the ceiling. And even if your guests don’t all want to go to town on fancy dress, most won’t mind wearing black and popping on a witch’s – or wizard’s – hat.

If you’re interested in having fun at your wedding and doing something different, have a chat with Lucy or Jo who will give you lots of helpful advice and organise a visit to look around the house. Call 01404 819155 or contact us.

Photos by Jamie Webb, Webb Family Photos.


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.