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Wedding photography at Escot Part One

We’re just in the process of creating a new photobook to show couples visiting Escot for showrounds. It’s a great way to give a really good feel of how the house can look when it’s all primped up for weddings and receptions.

For the book, we’ve chosen mainly images from weddings over the past couple of years, although there are some from further back that we just had to include, such as Beth and Brad’s wedding from 2016 which was a really joyful occasion. The photographer for their wedding was Maxi Photography, a well known photographer in these parts.

Every photographer has their own style, so when you’re choosing one, it’s important that you browse through their website and have a chat with them. Some couples know what they want, like Maddie and Chris who really performed for the camera at their wedding in 2021. Gareth of Eyecandy Photography rose to the task magnificently.

Some couples like slightly more traditional wedding photographs, and there are some really great photographers locally who will capture your day perfectly. Kate Dixon, who hails from Honiton, photographed two weddings at Escot in 2021, for Lindsay and Tim, and Jasmine and Jamie, two totally gorgeous weddings.

In 2022, Emilie (with the most magnificent train!) and Alexandru’s lively and vibrant wedding was brilliantly photographed by Alice Rose Photography. A joyous event for family and friends, who happily danced the night away!

Brad and Franchesca enjoyed a wonderful wedding day in 2022, where their guests had the best time. Photographer Vanessa Perrikhoo caught the joy, the emotion and the fun in the day. She also managed to get a super shot of Franchesca’s veil caught by a breeze.

An outdoor wedding ceremony called on the skills of Sam and Jenna Photography. Fortunately a dry day, this was such a pretty wedding and a perfect day for couple Oliver and Eleanor and their guests. Sam and Jenna’s photos of the wedding have a soft, pastel ambiance which is very distinctive. And what a fantastic selection of delicious cakes!

With so many great photographers in our new book we’ll add another blog soon. Watch this space for part two, and another selection of fabulous photos!


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.