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Wedding Trends 2019

For some of the wedding couples we welcome to Escot House, a traditional wedding is what they’re looking for.

This is often traditional white or ivory wedding dress for the bride and morning dress for the groom. Unfussy décor for the venue and the prettiest of flower arrangements. Of course, we’ve had our fair share of unusual weddings at Escot – one that often comes to mind is the stunning Day of the Dead wedding. Definitely a day to remember.

Some couples, however, are fascinated by the latest wedding trends, weaving them creatively into their wedding plans. So, what might we look forward to at Escot this year?

According to Hitched, wearing a white wedding dress is the way ahead this year. But the dress may hark back to the big ‘princess’ dresses we’ve seen before, albeit in a lighter way. Brides Magazine suggests that coral could make an appearance after Living Coral was announced as Pantone’s colour of the year. Interesting as a choice of cake colour!

Meanwhile, Grazia believes that huge flower displays are out of favour, and low floral displays are the choice for decoration in the church and the venue. Rather than cultivated flowers, wild flowers are more sought after due to Meghan’s choices for the royal wedding. Back to Brides Magazine, which loves the idea of bringing the outdoors in, with increased use of greenery and foliage giving a more natural feel to the event.

Another influence from the royal wedding is the increased interest in eco-friendly weddings, and in using locally sourced ingredients, not just for wedding cakes but for all of the wedding food.

The mighty Vogue has had a look at Pinterest and spies that doughnuts are becoming popular in the twin role of decoration and pudding.  Vogue has also spotted that brides are increasingly looking at ways of adding more fun to their day, such as picnics and activity stations for younger guests.

We’re pleased at Escot to already meet many of these trends, providing lots for children to do, locally sourcing ingredients and making everything from scratch in the Escot kitchens. If you haven’t seen our amazing entrance staircase then it’s worth having a look, there’s lots of lovely foliage on view! Escot is known as ‘The Natural Place’ and you can be assured that we put the environment high on our list (read more here).

And we’ll even make you a coral coloured wedding cake, if you’re so minded!

To book a viewing, please do get in touch.


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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.